Created by a team of passionate hospitality and food service professionals who came together to build a one-stop shop for all Plant Based Food needs that aims to be kinder to humans, animals & our planet. (It is, after all, the only one we have to live on until Elon, Jeff or Richard set up base on Mars or the Moon).

The inception of Plantaway began with the intent to bring about a nutritional and cultural food revolution. Advancing ahead with a vision of being able to embrace a plant-based lifestyle that is high in quality, great in taste, and good for health.

Plantaway came into being with its enormous range of plant-based food range curated specially to cater and nurture your well-being.

A thoughtful act of planting its way to building a generation that is built not just on nutrients but on empathy and love towards this planet.

Our mission at plantaway is simple - to make the world a happier, healthier place through food.


We make no false claims and make no compromises on quality of ingredients.
We really do care about nourishment for you and sustenance for the planet.
We deliver plant-based foods with exceptional taste and texture.